Andrew Judnick

Muskie Fishing Addiction 

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I grew up in Virginia, MN about twenty miles south of Lake Vermilion.  My grandparents own a cabin on the east end of lake and I have spent nearly every summer of my 24 years on it.  I grew up into walleye fishing under my dad and at age 15 I picked up my first muskie rod.  Now I don't stop thinking about them!  I have learned a lot about this amazing fish and every time out brings more surprises!  Great catches and lost fish have made me the muskie angler I am today and I enjoy sharing my knowledge with others.  It was always a dream of mine growing up to guide for muskies on Lake Vermilion!  I believe I can put my clients on fish so everyone can enjoy the thrill!  I'm a firm believer that it only takes one fish in the boat to hook you for life! 

Night Fishing 

Nothing beats hooking into a monster muskie after dark!  It has become a very effective way to put more fish in the boat.  It takes a lot of patience and even more confidence.  Momentum can change very quickly at night with these fish and you need to be ready for them!  This fish hooked me on night fishing and ever since i've spent a lot of my time under the stars!

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